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18.12.2019 - 20.01.2020

Vision Art Platform, Maslak 42, Istanbul, Turkey

Press Release

The story of human civilization intervening and transforming the nature is also a reflection of its process of becoming the subject of the planet. As man manufactures tools and strives to build cities, his struggle and relationship with nature has produced uncertainty and chaos that transcends his imagination with technological and industrial revolutions.

As we moved from Kant’s determinations of ‘Second Nature’, which were created by manpower, to the ‘anthropocene’ debates, the ecological and sociological dimensions that touched the daily life were also discussed: The destruction of the planet ecosystem by the human species, declining natural resources, growing social unrest and wars triggered by them.

Nowadays, we have come to the final stages of the struggle of human civilization against nature while realizing its own goals and ambitions. We should be aware of that there is no future as a victorious future on the horizon for humans, in the world after nature.

Artist Gökhan Balkan takes the next concept of ‘second nature’ by taking a step forward and paints his own image through a wide delta of thought including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and robot evolution, and depicts the loss of natural and reality through the fiction of architecture and artificial.


In ‘After Nature’, the artist presents a competent image in which he seeks the plastic language and forms of the future.

Artist Berkay Bugdan presents the pure, untouched natural landscapes that occupy a significant part of the art of painting with the new productions he made on metal plates through the vague and destructive appearance of his era. TWhile creating romantic spaces which suggest the absence of nature on the ‘apocalyptic’ image of industrial society in the landscapes he puts forward, the artist continues the unique
image that he creates on the landscape through the figure in his sculpture works.

In the works of both artists; It is observed that similar concerns come forward with innovative searches in material selection and experimental properties in aesthetic applications. However, both artists' perspectives on the post-nature world have developed with very different dynamics. Gökhan Balkan’s ‘Third Nature’ rejects the principle of a human-centered universe in the developmental potential of techno-evolution
and opens the door to new kinds of existence. Berkay Bugdan, on the other hand, considers nature(al) as a process of surrender to chaos, entropy process. The artworks that are created as a result of these approaches; they generate an uncanny duet about the states of unity of contrast and uncertainty.

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